Whole Energy receives USFS funding to explore the construction of a CHP project in Monroe, WA

Whole Energy, in conjunction with Qualco Energy, has been awarded $120,000 by the US Forest Service to fund the engineering assessment of a woody biomass CHP project at the Qualco Energy facility in Monroe, WA. The system will utilize locally generated woody and agricultural biomass to produce electricity and heat for industrial applications. Potential sources of woody biomass include the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Tulalip managed forestry ground, and local timber management operations. The system will also be capable of utilizing excess biogas from the currently operational anaerobic digester located at the site. The project is expected to produce 1700 MW/Yr, and offset approximately 287 metric tons of carbon and carbon equivalent pollution. The thermal energy from the project will go toward enterprises in the immediate area. This includes, but may not be limited to, essential oil extraction, compost production, manure drying, and greenhouse heating. For more information, visit the USFS press release page.

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