Supported Projects

Whole Energy supports various feedstock and biodiesel production efforts in the region we serve (BC, WA, OR, CA) and has successfully supported several projects in our region. Some of them are discussed below.

Biodiesel Plant Construction in Portland, Oregon

Whole Energy is working with Oregon Oils to implement the first vertically integrated biodiesel production facility in Oregon. Oregon Oils has been providing environmentally responsible used cooking oil collection and grease trap maintenance to Oregon and Washington restaurants for more than 20 years, and has now partnered with Whole Energy to construct a facility to convert collected used oil to biodiesel for the regional market.

Crushing Facility in Washington Statewhole energy supported project

Whole Energy partnered with Wolfkill Feed and Fertilizer and a County Government to develop an innovative biodiesel feedstock facility consisting of a bio-methane powered dryer and a crushing facility. Regionally grown oil seeds are dried and then crushed to serve the needs of the local farmers, while securing a supply of feedstock for biodiesel for a regional biodiesel production facilities.

Biodiesel Refineries, British Columbia

Whole Energy has worked closely with two biodiesel plants British Columbia to support their successful launch by assisting with the whole energy supported projectprocurement of feedstock, laboratory design and plant design. We have also provided extensive troubleshooting during their early production phases. This combination of support is mutually beneficial to the refineries and Whole Energy as it has not only allowed them to enter production more quickly than

otherwise possible but also provided Whole Energy additional supply.

Plant Construction in California

whole energy supported project

Whole Energy partnered with a municipality to permit and design a biodiesel plant in 2008-2009. We were able to achieve several first-time accomplishments on this project and in our region. Whole Energy was the first biofuel company to obtain a Coastal Development Permit in the State of California and were the first to partner with a Municipal Waste Water facility. The technology developed for this project is unique and involves cogeneration of heat and electricity as well as biodiesel.

Mt Vernon Glycerin Refinery

Our glycerin plant in Mt Vernon, Washington is the newest addition to the Whole Energy Family of bio diesel support facilities.  Conveniently located on the Mt Vernon Terminal Railway, the plant processes glycerin to meet specification for verity of industrial and agricultural applications, adding value to the biodiesel production system in the process. The glycerin, a coproduct of biodiesel transesterification, is sourced from production facilities across the western US and Canada.

Renewable Natural Gas Refinery Support

Whole Energy is committed to helping to develop the next generation of the renewable natural gas industry. We’ve worked to develop a suite of technologies and marketing strategies that maximizes returns to the operator and promotes environment stewardship. With active biogas operations in the livestock, landfill, and waste water treatment sectors, we have developed a deep and diversified level of experience in RNG production. We provide support and services for biogas to electricity and biogas to RNG facilities.

Carbon Credit Registration

Whole Energy is happy to announce that it will be providing carbon offset registration for the California compliance market. We work to help your firm navigate the registration process and manage the marketing of generated offsets on the exchange. Under the protocols provided by Climate Action Reserve, we are currently planning to support carbon credit registration for qualifying landfill, livestock, and forestry operations. For a complete list of qualifying operations please visit the CAR website or contact our office for a consultation.