Fleet Support

fleet supportWhole Energy has a broad background in alternative fuels (including natural gas, electric, and ethanol) with a focused expertise in biodiesel. This broad know how and experience has enabled us to guide our customers in successful fuel management.

Since 2004 Whole Energy has produced and marketed biodiesel to serve retail stations, fleets, distributors and industrial users. You can see from our previous activities as reflected on our news page how we have led the industry in quality and reliability.

We have prepared a detailed fuel management guideline for our existing customers which helps our customers to predict when fuel management problems can arise and how to mitigate these problems when they occur.

The topics covered in Whole Energy Fuel Management include: Fuel Quality, ASTM Standards, Beyond ASTM, General Blending, Splash Blending, In-Line Blending, Fuel Delivery, Storage, Sampling, Filtering, and Routine Maintenance.

Whole Energy is able to provide consultations and support to any new fleet considering a transition to alternative fuels and vehicles. For a list of some of our biodiesel customers please see the testimonials page.