Biodiesel used in these applications as methyl ester is more expensive because neither blender’s nor renewable fuel credits apply; but these end uses also fully benefit from the non-toxic and occupational safety benefits of biodiesel.

Dissolved Air Flotation

Methyl ester can be substituted for other petroleum based solvents in certain applications to enable the separation of dirt and light contaminants from minerals which is done with a dissolved air flotation system. Potential applications may include the purification of any fine rock compounds like Calcium Carbonate.

Release Agent

Methyl ester can be used in concrete and asphalt industries on equipment to enable easy cleaning and re-use. Regulatory agencies in most jurisdictions around the country no longer allow the use of diesel as a release agent.


Methyl ester has penetrant properties that are particularly helpful in treating applications where a solvent/carrier is needed to take an active ingredient deep into the material to be treated. Potential applications include the treating of wood and concrete.