partners1Whole Energy is working with Oregon Oils to implement the first vertically integrated biodiesel production facility in Oregon. Oregon Oils has been providing environmentally responsible used cooking oil collection and grease trap maintenance to Oregon and Washington restaurants for more than 20 years, and has now partnered with Whole Energy to construct a facility to convert collected used oil to biodiesel for the regional market.



Mt Vernon RR real pictureThe Mount Vernon Terminal Railway is one of the only independent railroads in Washington state that provides storage and trans-loading services for companies. Whole Energy Fuels is working together to improve the distribution infrastructure for regional manufacturers and distributors in Skagit and Whatcom County. Together, our team offers railcar storage, trans-loading and rail track construction. In addition we are able to assist in the storage and logistics of products for our customers. Special requirements like heating and cooling of products that we receive are also available on request. In the area of bio based products we can provide additional assistance including toll processing, raw material procurement, and sales support.



Wolfkill Feed and FertilizerWhole Energy is working with Wolfkill Feed and Fertilizer to explore many of the synergies between agriculture and energy. The two companies have formed Wolfkill Whole Energy, a joint venture company that already operates the Drying and Crushing facility in Snohomish County. The two companies are also working together to explore Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) and have helped formed the Renewable Farming Association to help develop value added Ag-Energy projects in Western Washington.

partners2Whole Energy has supported Snohomish County in the development of a truly unique Ag-Energy facility that currently includes a Drying and Crushing Facility. The drying operation is at a local landfill site where recovered methane gas will be used to dry the seeds. The crusher will produce oil that will be used to make biodiesel for the county’s transportation needs and to provide high quality, fresh, local feed for the region’s dairy industry including high-value organic meal.