Company Overview

Whole Energy Fuels Corporation provides support services to biofuel producers and is a high quality biofuel distributor. Our success stems from our understanding that biomass fuels are best produced regionally on a modest scale and with modest energy consumption because biomass fuel feedstock and demand are geographically widely distributed. We have helped develop highly co-integrated facilities in partnership with regional businesses and governments to deploy our extensive experience with biofuel production and distribution from British Columbia to Southern California, thereby expanding our ecologically and financially sustainable business model.

Our success and continued growth depend upon the development and implementation of biofuel production methods that are inherently low-cost, low-complexity, low-energy, and robust to variation in the incoming raw materials. Whole Energy is particularly excited about its involvement with the Mercurius cellulosic diesel project where we are participating in advanced biofuel technology development. For our suppliers and customers this means that Whole Energy will consistently be able to deliver a quality product with the best possible environmental performance and most efficient use of new technologies. For our partners this means that Whole Energy is able to develop projects that fully exploit new and efficiency enhancing technological opportunities for integration into their existing operations.